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Brian Seong

Project Manager / Dev Rel Engineer /

ZK Research Engineer / Software Engineer

➡️ 2 yrs. Developer Relations @ Polygon | Sui Network | EduDAO
➡️ 3 months. Zero Knowledge Researcher @ SNZ Capital
➡️ 1.5 yrs. Tsinghua Blockchain Club President @ THUBA DAO
➡️ 1.3 yrs. Co-Founder, CTO @ ACY Finance

➡️ GIX Master 2024 @ University of Washington
➡️ Computer Science Bachelor 2021 @ Tsinghua University

✅ Deep understanding of Web3 Ecosystem & ZK Stacks
✅ Rich Success Experience in Dev Community Building and program management
✅ Experienced in Product Development, Project Management, 
User Research
✅ Led a team of 4 on developing Defi Protocol.
✅ Frontend Dev, ReactJS/NextJS/Bootstrap/Tailwind
✅ Backend Dev, Golang/Python/Rust Frameworks
✅ Smart Contract Dev, Solidity/Hardhat
✅ ZK Dev, Still in progress, currently Learning Halo2, Plonky2

Detailed Past Work Experience & Education on Linkedin

A Bit about Myself🤙

I'm deeply committed to a verifiable future where automation is at the forefront, leveraging cutting-edge Zero Knowledge Proof Systems.

As I approach my graduation in March 2024, I'm currently a dedicated full-time student at the University of Washington and Tsinghua University. My studies encompass a wide array of fields, including Entrepreneurship, User Research, Product Design, and Technical Management.


Furthermore, I'm actively engaged as a Zero Knowledge Researcher at SNZ Holding and hold a role in Developer Relations at EduDAO, an inspiring initiative led by Mantle. These roles have further enriched my understanding and hands-on experience in the realm of verifiable technology and blockchain development.

I come from a culturally diverse background, having grown up in a multicultural family where I was exposed to and proficient in three languages: Chinese, Korean, and English. My upbringing also entailed living in different regions across the globe.

In my leisure time, I take great pleasure in the culinary arts, particularly cooking 🥘. I'm also an avid nature enthusiast, finding solace and adventure in activities such as hiking 🥾. When the opportunity arises, I cherish the serenity and beauty of the beach 🏖️.

Past Projects🏗️

This section showcases projects I've personally developed during school and hackathons. For a detailed overview of my professional work experiences, kindly refer to the Job Experiences section on my LinkedIn profile.


ZK Researches

While actively delving into the ZK (Zero Knowledge) tech stack at SNZ, I'm simultaneously working on a series of articles that comprehensively cover the intricacies of zero knowledge proofs. These articles aim to facilitate broader accessibility and understanding of zero knowledge proofs, making this complex subject more approachable for a wider audience. 

Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 23.03.02.png




A Smart Shoes solution employs real-time analytics to enhance walking balance, weight distribution, and symmetry by integrating hardware components like the ESP32 microcontroller, MPU6050 sensor, ADS1115 converter, and force sensors into each shoe. These components collect and analyze the user's movement data, with the MPU6050 measuring acceleration and angular velocity and the ADS1115 digitizing force sensor signals. The ESP32 processes this data to assess the user's walking pattern. Gaiting data is transmitted to a backend system where algorithms detect irregularities and suggest corrective actions, while the frontend provides a user interface with real-time gaiting data, visual representations, and notifications for anomalies.



DAOmocles is a crucial treasury management tool that prioritizes transparency and trust within your DAO community. It empowers members to easily access and comprehend the organization's financial status, encouraging feedback and fostering trust. For management, it streamlines treasury oversight, enabling informed decision-making and resource efficiency. In essence, DAOmocles is indispensable for DAOs seeking transparency, accountability, collaboration, and long-term success.





DAOFetcher is an intelligent platform tool that allows users to quickly read summaries and access select token-gated content in order to orient and get a sense of a given DAO's culture. By combining our self-written and deployed EVM smart contracts (Polygon, Mantle, and more), aggregation features, and OpenAI's gpt-3.5-turbo, polybase for easy data storage of user's chat history with chatGPT, we offer users unique insights into the world of DAOs and what they offer in seconds.



Introducing VR Movement Trackers for VR Dance, project uniting VR hardware with advanced AI modeling. I've developed an intelligent hardware device and system that tracks users' physical movements and translates them into precise VR avatar actions. Using cutting-edge hardware like the MPU9250 and ESP32, my solution seamlessly bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds. My LSTM-powered AI model, and using ThreeDPoseUnityBarracuda to produce training data, ensures an immersive and intuitive connection between users' physical actions and their VR avatars' movements, revolutionizing the virtual experience.


Past Events🎪

This Section Show case the events I have hosted in the past, including Hackathons, Meetups, Hackerhouses, Workshops, etc.

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